Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Journal Entry

Ok, so I've been running into some writers block lately. My life is great, but can get routine, and I'm sure it gets, well, not as exciting to read about. I mean, you can't possibly be interested in a Skills Drill that I passed, right? Nothing exciting there. So, I have this little book, "How To Write Your History", and it has questions that you then answer. I figured I might as well give it a shot today.

First one. Describe your first home or apartment on your own. Welllll, first one "on my own" would be when I took off for Ricks College in Rexburg Idaho. I stayed at Aspen Village, and I chose Aspen for one reason. Ok, maybe two. #1, they had an indoor, heated pool. Keep in mind, this was Idaho. That equals COLD. Plus, I swam all through high school, and love to be in/near/around water. #2, it was as co-ed as Ricks went. Meaning, MY building was all female, but all the other buildings were male. Hmmmmm, good odds there. (I later had a roommate who introduced me to this smoking hot, blond, blue eyed RM who also lived in AV that set my heart on fire, but I'll save that for another time!) I started in the summer, so my first apartment was very temporary. These buildings were cinder block construction, with economy blue/gray carpet. I was on the second floor, and as you came in, there was a kitchen table, and then the living room on the left. Kitchen was to the right, but when I say kitchen, it was TINY. Head back through the hallway, and bedroom on the left, bathroom on the right. My bedroom was in the back on the right. I did have roommates initially, but Becky is the only one I can remember. She was awesome! She really introduced me to a lot that Rexburg had to offer, and also taught me that it really is OK to go grocery shopping in your pajamas . . . as long as they are cute PJ's. That summer was awesome - if the whole year had been like that, Rexburg might have had a whole different outcome. I remember lots of little snippets: Bridge jumping, rolling in the sand dunes, playing on the waterslide, Dave fixing my bike for me.

Dave, now, he was an interesting character. Thought he had all the *right* credentials, RM, tall, blond, smart, and he took me out several times. We sat on the hill overlooking the town on the Fourth. He kissed me, it was magic. Wow. Spectacular. Could he have been THE ONE?!?!?! Next morning when he came by, he told me that he just couldn't see me anymore. Huh? Do what? Wait, where did I go wrong?? He then tells me that he just couldn't be with a girl who didn't have "Higher Personal Standards". Ok, then why the heck did you TRY to kiss me? "Because a woman who is truly pure would not have let me." That was my first introduction to the screwed up mentality that existed. Now, fast forward 7 years, and I meet this chick at Southern Virginia who initially scared the daylights out of me. She was all fashion model-esque, and I was about as country casual as it gets. Turns out, we had a few things in common. We had both gone to Ricks, but she lived at Harmony House. We really started talking one night when she took pity on me and fixed me a PB&J because I had to work over the time the cafeteria was open. I took one bite and was CONVINCED that she had tried to poison me. Who puts BUTTER on a PB&J? Anyway, we got to talking, and it turns out that SHE went out with this Dave character as well!!! Quite a game he was playing. Oh, and this girls name? Michelle. :-)

Back to the apartment. After everyone moved out prior to fall semester, my other roommate had these 2 birds that she couldn't take with her, so I took them. I figured, they're birds. How hard can they be to take care of? Ha. Ha. Ha. I let them out in the bathroom while I cleaned their cage, and then could NOT get them back in! I had to get one of my FHE brothers to come over and catch them for me! I quickly found new homes for them after that.

I suppose it's true - after enough time, there are only fond memories left. I love my memories of that year - every single daggone one of 'em.