Monday, February 4, 2008

Meatloaf and other tidbits

Good evening! The reason this is called "Meatloaf" is, well, because there is a meatloaf in the oven!!! It's one of those comfort foods, and I'm feeling the need for some comfort. Ok, so not really, but I got to missing mom's home cookin' today. Guess that means the home cooking part is up to me. To be fair, I'm a daggum good cook. I just get tired of cooking for one all the time. But meatloaf is a meal for a week.
Had a blast tubing this past Saturday. The only complaints were two: the LINE, and the cost of food. I mean, come on. $13 for a dried out chicken sandwich, cold fries and a drink? I think, though, that the big kids had more fun than the little kids! Once the sun went down those hills were FAST. Several times I was grateful for friends at the bottom to play catch. Well worth it, as well as getting to spend time with friends. Remember what I was saying about threads making the ropes of friendships? There was some MAJOR spinning going on!
Otherwise, same ole, same ole. Did watch the SuperBowl last night, and was excited to see a game being played fourth quarter! I was kinda pulling for both teams . . . if that's allowed. This week going on, other than the usual meetings, etc. Maybe I can come up with something interesting to write . . .