Monday, February 25, 2008

Babies Eat Brain Cells

Did you know this? It's something I had heard, but didn't believe. Then, the following conversation w/Msh.

"And then when I was taking Diesel's stitches out . . ."
"Do what? Stitches? From what?"
"I told you . . . where he had the cancer cut off."
"You never told me about any cancer. What cancer? Where?"
"You know, that growth I told you about down THERE. He has Penile Cancer"
"You did NOT tell me about that."
And, you get the idea. The point is, Msh and I know just about everything about each other. I know that she cleaned her bathroom in between her sick episodes. I know that she likes to slice black olives onto her nachos. I know that she puts butter on her PB&J. How the heck did I NOT know that her horse has cancer?!?!? I realize I'm forgetful, and that I lose small moments of coversation, but that? That I would have remembered!!! Too funny. We're going to blame it on the baby.

Kristin, a girl that I work with, just had a beautiful baby boy, Carter, this past September. She had her baby moments as well, but I think my favorite was this one. She stopped to get gas one morning before coming in. It was one of those pay before you pump kind of places, and she went in, got a drink, paid for her gas, and drove off. Got 1/2 way to work trying to figure out why the "gas" light hadn't gone out yet. She then had to go back, get her gas, THEN come to work. Again, blame the baby . . .

This weekend was B O R I N G. Did I mention boring? I watched more movies this weekend than I have for the past year. But, OK, ok, Transformers was an awesome movie. I remember playing with those when I was young, so I didn't expect a whole lot out of this, and I was amazed. Disappointed with Spider-Man 3, Deja Vu was OK. But, race season starts this coming Saturday, so that means no more slow time for me!!! How does that go? Let's go RACING!!!