Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another boy post . . .

Ok, so let's dive back into my past and see what we can come up with.

Went out with this guy briefly. B r i e f l y. Actually, I don't know that we ever had a "real" date, but we sure cruised main! He had this "hot" low rider truck that was just all the rage. Just one problem. No reverse. So, we couldn't pull in and talk to anyone unless he could pull straight back out. Yeah, and his name was Judd Goode. Say that with a long, drawn out, southern accent, and you wonder why I'm not there?? Shallow, I know. I was 16.

One summer THE place to be was at Little River campground. You didn't necessarily have to camp, they had this awesome swimming lake, and for a low fee, you could go in and just swim. There was a nice dock thing out in the middle of the lake, and a double decker porch that was perfect for jumping from. Add in a sandy beach complete with Volleyball, and it was heaven for a teenage girl. My friend Kathi turned me on to it, and I loved it. I remember convincing my parents to camp out there for one holiday. It must have been the Fourth, and my dad hated it!! He called it a yuppie concentration camp! The boy I had the hots for came cruising through with his bass just a-thumpin'. The way to "show" your system was to put a quarter on the roof and try to flip it. And today I wonder why I have a hard time hearing things!! The "song" that summer was Sir Mix-a-lot's "Baby Got Back" and we LOVED it! It was just sooo not what our parents wanted us to be listening to.

Now, when I want to go camping, it's out away from people, away from noise, preferrably with a nice creek just far enough away to barely be able to hear it. See, Dad, that time at Little River didn't permanently damage me. Eh? What's that you say? Sorry, you'll have to speak up . . . got my music going!


Nicole said...

I had to laugh at your comment. I totally remember that machine at the zoo that made the little plastic animals. I loved how they were still warm when they came out and how you could pick off the edges. Did you go to Ricks college. I'm guessing you were probobly there about the sam time as my twin sister. 95-98. We went seperate ways for college, I went to Snow.