Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You ate a what?

Here's another embarassing moment for me to add to the collection, but it goes back a few years.

We had answered a squad call over in the Snowden area that turned out to be unfounded, and were headed back. C. was driving, and LM was in the back. All of a sudden, C. hollered (yes, hollered, really.) "Look out!" and did the whole "mom" thing and flung his arm across my chest. Because that does a MUCH better job than the seat belt I had on. Anyway. From out of nowhere, off the bank, came this HUGE turkey. I mean, it must have weighed 50 lbs. It's my story, it was 50 lbs. The poor birds feet got hung up in the windshield wipers, so it's squawking away, I'm screaming and carrying on, and C. is yelling, "Don't let it get away!" Yeah, and who's the redneck here? He gets the unit quickly pulled over, and the bird is DOA. Some hunters popped out of the woods, "Hey, I shot that bird!" C. gave it a once over and said, "You might have shot AT it, but I HIT it!" Ok, so now what? Yeah, I can do IV's, and I can do CPR, but I am NOT about to do it on a bird! (Dogs, yes. Birds, no) I've seen the movies of the "dead" animals that come back, but C. was adamant that he was taking the turkey with us. After securely strapping down the bird, we headed back. Once back at my house, C. entertained Britney by cleaning said turkey in my back yard. I stayed hidden in the house. He came in with the breast, and seasoned it up, fried it in butter, and you know what? It was delicious. I cringe to admit that, since in my opinion turkeys come from Wal Mart with funky bags of stuff in them, but it was good! Msh called, and I was relaying the story to her. She was quiet for a minute, then said, "You mean to tell me you're eating roadkill?" Errrrr, who's the redneck now? And you know what? I couldn't choke down another bite!


Coffee Bean said...

Are you a paramedic!?!?!?

I wanted to be a paramedic in the worst way. I got my EMT cert right after high school. I tried to get a job as one but I was under 21 so no one wanted to hire me for insurance reasons. I decided to go to college... met my husband... and there ya have it.