Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Weather!

This is why life is so good right now. I love summertime and warm weather, but wow, does this ever make life comfortable! I had to close the windows last night or I would have gotten too cold!
This is how I spend my mornings. Britney brings me her FAVORITE ball, and does this annoying high pitched WHINE to get my attention. If she can't find her ball, she'll come in and whine at me until I follow her to where she last had her ball (usually, it's rolled under some piece of furniture and can't get to it.) Now, why is this her favorite ball you might wonder? I mean, this is her third one in a year, and they're KONG toys, supposedly virtually indestructible.
Maybe it's because she knows I'm going to put a bone in it! Then, she gets to chew the heck out of it until she can get the bone back out! I was hard pressed to get this bone in and the picture took (taken?) before she was trying to get her ball!I used to worry about her getting too many treats, until the latest vet visit. Since her weight got an enthusiastic thumbs up response, he said I can keep on doing exactly what I am. At least it keeps her happy!

And speaking of happy, I'm ecstatic! Remember back to where I lost my cell phone? And I was so upset that they replaced my pretty orange ENV with a silver one? Well, that silver phone has been nothing but problems. The ear piece doesn't work after a 5 minute conversation, and I have to thunk on it to get it to work. The camera takes horrible pictures, and the "OK" button periodically takes the day off. I can power the phone off, back on, and then it will work again, but who has time for all that? I finally got the time today to call the replacement people, and proceeded to explain the problems I was having. Well. The girl tells me that because I had "thunked" on the phone, I had abused it, and there-by, voided the warranty! Now, I could file another claim, and pay another $50, but that was all they can do. I did the one thing I HATE to have done to me. "Can I please speak with your supervisor?" After about a 10 minute hold, the supervisor agreed with me that I had just gotten a bad phone, and she would have a replacement to me tomorrow. "Oh, but ma'am? We don't have it in silver, just orange and green." Orange, please! What the heck? They had originally told me that I COULDN'T get the replacement in anything but silver! And, Verizon said that I can again download all of my ring tones, so I'm just tickled to death! Yay, and stuff. See? It really DOES all work out!

Speaking of cell phones, are you one of those people with different ring tones for each person? What kind of songs do you have? Drew used to laugh when he'd hear the different ones. "Hi ____" He knew them as well as I did!