Monday, June 9, 2008

Life is Gooooood

I used to have a friend that would say that . . . . drawled, out, g uuuu ooooo d. And, it is. Friday night was spent at the Drag Strip, nothing new there. Saturday was started at the Drag Strip, and can I just tell you how HOT it was?!?! I have friends who ride motorcycles: this is not directed at them, but I HATE MOTORCYCLE SHOWS! First of all, no one wants to listen to the rules, or pay attention to what is going on. Second of all, UGH! It's just a headache to keep up with. Then, I headed to the round track. Out of the frying pan, into the fire. HOT, hot, HOT! And, I think the heat just got to people. One guy in particular cursed me, but whatever. I was just mad that he would use language like that in front of a kid. Of course, I'm sure A. has NEVER heard language like that before, but still. A. was so nice to come over with the golf cart so I could have some kind of shade! Still, with the sunblock, and the bug spray, once the track started kicking up dust, I was a lovely shade of red clay!!

Sunday I went to the river twice to cool off. See, I didn't have my window A/C units in yet . . . and poor Britney was just roasting. The above picture is my indoor/outdoor thermometer. Yeah. HOT! Came home, took a COLD shower, and fought Britney for the spot in front of the fan. Annette came over, let herself in, and had her son and his friend right behind her. I lurve Annette. Not only did she bring me my car BACK with the window UP, but she brought my big A/C unit, and the 2 boys and she (I got more in the way than helped) got those units in quick! Now, my house is going to resemble the bat cave as I keep the blinds drawn and the light (and heat!) out. Me 'n the mutt slept SOOO good last night! THEN, S. mentioned that a friend of his has a car that he's going to go check out for me. For the price, I really can't turn it down if it's actually running and in decent shape! And, if that wasn't enough, K. told me that her FIL is an electrician, and may be able to look at my window (D. thinks that it's a wiring problem). So, B. can do the rotars/struts, FIL may be able to look at the window . . . what was I pouting for???

Even better, since I have MY car, now I can get in the river completely with Britney. Too bad tonight is Skills Drill. Be a great night for swimming!!! I love living where I do. When I met cute river boy a week or so ago, he said that my town really was the place that time forgot. People still wave at each other, stop to help someone who needs it, and generally keeps an eye out on each other. I can't imagine a better place to live!