Monday, June 16, 2008


I got tagged! Ok, so maybe I shouldn't be so excited about it, but this is my first "tagging" where I didn't just swipe the idea from someone else's blog. Thanks, Stephanie!

First the rules ('cuz I ALWAYS play by the rules!):

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Six important things about myself:
-I love to try new recipes. Cooking makes me happy! Tonight I'm having pinto beans that turned out perfectly.

-My life can fall apart and I can handle it, as long as my house is clean. When the house falls apart, everything else does, too!

-I firmly believe that when you get to feeling sorry for yourself, do something nice for someone else. There is ALWAYS someone worse off than you.

-I might, might, just have a touch of OCD. I like things just my own certain way.

-Even after all the crazy drama and swearing off men each and every time, I secretly still hope to be swept off my feet.

-I love ringtones. I have a secret addiction to them. Right now I've got as my generic, "Settlin'" by Sugarland to remind me not to. And for messages? The cutest "bubbles" thing that Stacey sent me. Msh once called me in the middle of a meeting. I couldn't get to my phone fast enough to shut off "Girls just wanna have fun" The guy doing the meeting said, "That better be your best friend. Tell her we said hi!"

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Debbie said...

I share your OCDness. I still don't understand ringtones. Or texting. That must mean I'm getting OLD!

Anonymous said...

It is done!

I, too, can handle things better when the house is clean. I've been known to clean it during a crisis because I just have to.