Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm going to have to write about Bruce a bit, 'cause he deserves a shout out. That, and I'm pretty durn shure he's never, ever, going to read this. Hear about it, probably, but not read it. Anyway, see this?

That's my old rotor! See that screw there at the bottom between the two posts? That's what made Bruce say a couple of bad words, but his persistance paid off, and now I have new rotors! Yay, Bruce! Thank you! So, I'm going to be baking him Pioneer Woman's Scrumptious Caramel Apple pie to show my gratitude. Yeah, 'cause I love baking and all that!!

This is a drawing that I have hanging in my bathroom. It was done for me my senior year by a guy that I was interested in. Why do I still have it? Because it reminds me that at one point, someone saw great things in me! I used to stick my tongue out at him (he worked the kitchen, I was on the drive-thru at Hardee's). Yes, fast food has been one of my many jobs! He said he started to believe in God after meeting me and going to church a few times with me. The Cat was because my nickname at the store was Kit Kat, the eagle represented freedom. The Genie lamp was one of our dates (he took me to see Aladdin!). Corny, well, yeah, probably, but you know what? It took him some time and effort to do it, and I've never forgotten him nor the sentiments he expressed. I went away to school, and when I came back, he had moved on, but he was still one of the sweet ones that I remember quite fondly.