Thursday, June 5, 2008

Store run

Stacey, being the oh-so-observant one around here, noticed traffic was being crazy, and this is what we went outside to find. Can't exactly figure out what's going on, but while I was out snapping these shots, one guy ignored the police and drove right under that wire! At least it would have given the medics something to do . . . . . it definitely slows down the traffic into our branch!

I ran up to Wal-mart (hey, it's a small town . . . choices are limited) earlier today. I know better than to not have coffee on hand for Cindy, and since the Man is currently out on daddy-duty, we're all doing things we don't normally do. Stacey requested "Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi". Oooo0-Kaayyy. Sure, whatever. Wait, while I'm on Stacey. She's adorable. She's perky. She's a blonde. Not a natural one, but at least she's back to the color she should be. Anyway, on Monday, she came in ROCKING this look. If I had worn it, my friends would have wanted to know what I was drinking as I got dressed. She had on a Kelly green shirt, that was designed to look like it was three shirts. It had cute multi colored spots on it. Underneath, she had on an aqua tank top. So, it looked like she had FOUR shirts on. Then, to top it off, she had gray pants that had dark gray stripes. To sum it up? Spots and Stripes. AND, she looked like she just stepped out of a magazine. Only Stacey could do it. Anyway. I digress. I'm at Wal-Mart, and they had a power surge, so all the registers were being crazy. I saw that the 12 pks of Dr Pepper were 2/$3. Duh, more is always cheaper, so I got the 24 pack. When I FINALLY got to the register, I realized they were 6.48. What the heck? Shouldn't they be cheaper??? At that point I was so hot (when did Summer get here?) I was aggravated and said the heck with it and came on back. But, now everyone has the drinks they want, Cindy is stocked on caffeine, so all will be good for Friday. Now, who's bringing the donuts???