Friday, June 13, 2008

This is a problem

Now, don't get me wrong. I love animals, all kinds. I have a bird feeder, and in the wintertime, I put food out for the squirrels. Britney loves to watch them, and I do as well. I am all for all kinds of birds. I even have a little bird bath thing. But. I have these hanging flowers that I can NOT get to bloom again. (remember . . . me, black thumb). When I lived at my other house these same plants bloomed like crazy but not so much now. I've Miracle Gro-sticked them, kept them nice and moist, let them dry out, I don't know what else to try! I have noticed, however, that the birds have decided that since they are high up and rather sheltered, that they are GREAT places to have a nest. Every couple of nights, I go through, and pull out the OLD nests. I'm sorry, but birds are messy, and I do NOT need that on my front porch! Trees, yes. Flower pots, no. This morning, I pulled them down to check on them, and find THIS!

I can be pretty insensitive at times, but even I don't have the heart to throw out potential babies!!! I think they're just sparrow eggs, but still! The one egg is in a spot where I threw the nest out last night. Mama must have gone on and laid the egg this morning anyway!

Speaking of babies. I was talking to Msh this morning, and getting the update on how she's feeling. Part way through the conversation, she tells me, "I think I'm allergic to the bunny." "Well, throw it out then!" I was thinking she had a stuffed bunny of some kind. Nope. She proceeds to tell me how she was helping H. put up hay, when she saw a large black snake with a wriggly belly. It was eating a family of baby bunnies! So, H. scooped up the last one, and deposited it on Msh's lap. She took it home, and has it in a basket. Has had it for about a week now, and been bottle feeding it. She said it's really cute, and is trying to figure out how to eat grass. I see a new member of her family, if she can keep it away from the 4 dogs!