Saturday, June 14, 2008

More on PM

Let's fast forward a year. I just come home from college, and dead set against going back. I got to wondering, "Whatever happened to PM?" So I decided to send him a letter. Hard to believe now, with cell phones and text message and IM's and email, but yup, a good old fashioned hand written letter. And, this was a LONG time ago (1995!) That same week, he started wondering about me! Our letters actually crossed in the middle. Yes, you can sigh over the romanticism of that. Anyway, one thing lead to another, and when he got back stateside, we decided to give dating a go. I had planned on being ready to meet him at the airport on Friday night, but some last minute changes had him driving in on Saturday.

This is what siblings are for, right? I was getting ready, hot rolling my hair, getting the make up just right so I could be casually laying around the house when he showed up. Dear sweet Brad, decides to let PM IN without telling me. So, the first time I lay eyes on him after almost 2 years, I have 1/2 my make-up on and rollers in my hair. Yup, I was mortified. Now that I'm older and wiser, I would have rocked that look, but nope, I had to slam the bathroom door on his face!

We dated for a few months, him coming in. It was so romantic to have a man in uniform, and even better, MY best friend was dating HIS best friend! Unfortunately, we had a falling out. I told him that when he was ready to hear what really happened, to call me back. Since it's been almost a decade, I'm pretty sure he's not calling!

I had kept every letter he had written me. My senior year of college, Msh finally convinced me to let go of the past and let him go. I threw away those letters, and I've regretted it ever since. I used to love to read back through them, some of them 20 pages in length, and realize that yes, at some point, he really DID care for me. I think once you get married to someone is when you need to throw out the old stuff . . . til then, it's a nice reminder of where you've been!
More adventures on JS later. He's another tale to tell!


Mrs.4444 said...

Our first loves shape who we become, in some ways. And while I am very happy and in love with my husband, I still wonder about my old DK :) and what his life is like today.