Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've mentioned Msh in passing before, but I think you ought to hear a bit of the back story on her. First of all, she is one of my most-bestest friends ever. She and I met in 1997 when we both attended SVU. When I first saw her, she was roommates with a girl that was, shall we say, a little unbalanced, and I initially felt so bad for her! Later, when I actually met her, she kind of scared me. See, I'm a simple girl from Western NC, and she SCREAMED high fashion. You know, the perfectly coordinated outfits, with the "right" hair, the "right" look. Not a whole lot in common. One evening, she and another girl took pity on me since I was working at the bookstore and would miss dinner. She fixed me a PB&J sandwich. Did you know that it IS possible to mess that up? I thought she had poisoned me! Who in the world puts butter on a PB&J sandwich? Evidently, she did! Said it was to keep the jelly from coming through the bread. Yeah. Ok. Whatever! Anyway. One evening, we were sitting around talking, and I guess I surprised her with some of my escapades, and it's been on ever since! She knew how much I loved country music, and would allow me one country CD each road trip! Fast forward to last year, when I got in her 4 Runner, and she's listening to Merle Haggard. Honey, come BACK from the edge . . . you've gone too far!

Anyway, the first summer after college, I was worried about what I would do without Msh around. She said, "Do you know where ___ is? I'm going to be a camp counselor there this year." Uh, yeah, it's about 20 minutes from my house!!! After we graduated from college, neither one of us really wanted to move out or on. Brad had died, so I didn't want to go back to NC, and she was ok where she was. Eventually, she got married, and moved back to DC, but no matter what, we've been there for each other.

However, life goes on, things change. She is now pregnant and due the first of August. Whoa. That changes life up some! I'm still so excited for her though . . . and I'll get to spoil that kid rotten!!! Msh has the most awesome sense of humor. Quirky, fun, and always a great voice of reason for me. And, she doesn't mind when I get stuck on one subject and that train keeps going 'round and 'round in my head! What about you? How did you meet your best friend? How long have you been friends? Any great stories you want to share?