Thursday, June 12, 2008

I blame K.

I went with her yesterday to the greenhouse, and she got it into my head that yes, I really can grow things. I have an ivy plant at home that's been working on dying for a while now, so I figured that maybe if I repotted it with some fertilizer it would help. One pot. One bag of potting mix. Instead, now my credenza looks like this:

The one brighter violet in the middle is the one that I've worked on for several months now. The one behind it is the one I purchased yesterday. And, since I have SUCH a green thumb, why not try an orchid? (The one on the far right is a member of that family.) And I love peace lilies, or whatever their real name is, so I got 3 different "greenery" things and put them in the pot on the far left. And that sad looking ivy thing on the front left? Yeah, that's what started all this. Any tips or suggestions? Things like give up while I'm ahead? Oh, and the pretty orange thing? That just smells good!


Coffee Bean said...

I just planted geraniums in planters on our porch and they are already looking a bit sick. Ugh. Most of the, all of it right now... is fake. No green thumb here!

Stale cheetos?!?!? EW!!! Dogs find a way every time!