Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear B.

My, but you are full of surprises! Let me tell you about Tuesday evening.

I had finally gotten home after very reluctantly leaving the adorable and deliciously soft Savannah late Tuesday evening. It actually would have been earlier, but I had to take the tourist route home through Bedford and drop off A.'s car. I knocked, no one was home, so I worked my way inside because no WAY was I going to get back to my place without a bathroom break. Ah, Sonic, I do love your peach slushes, but a Rt. 44 has to come back out, right? So, I'm inside, but then it turns out that S. was actually home and was rather startled to find someone IN his house! All turned out well and he didn't shoo9t me or anything. Just as I was headed down the mountain, B. called. "So, whatcha doin'?" After some small talk, "I thought we'd come over for dinner." We. Did you catch that? He's been wanting me to meet his kids, and while I LOVE kids, I was more than a little nervous to meet his. See, kids like me. I just knew that these would be the 2 that didn't! He said he would call and give me a heads up when they left Wally World. So, I clean up a little, put things away, check email, visit SITS, and am standing in my bathrobe in the kitchen thinking, "Wow, shouldn't they be done by now?" when suddenly, I see that red truck pulling in. No shower, haven't shaved my legs in a couple of days, and oh, yeah, I'm not wearing any clothes! Let me tell ya. That's the fastest I've gotten dressed, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, and made it back out to my living room! I made spaghetti, Britney loved having 2 little boys to go splash around in the creek with, and (smart man grudgingly admitted), I didn't have time to work myself into a good nerve-fest. The best part? "Can we come back again?" Heh. They like me! And, come back they did. Last night we had BBQ chicken, cheesy shells, and corn on the cob. Oh, and Popsicles for dessert. Britney hasn't slept that hard since she was a puppy! Now . . . if I can just kick this sinus infection, life should be pretty good!