Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Zucchini Bread . . . and other averted disasters

Soo, last night, B. calls and says that if I'm up for company, company is coming. He had mentioned previously that he like Zucchini bread, and since LC (almost LP!) had given me some gorgeous zukes, I decided to make some. I had my Itunes blasting, and was measuring away, when suddenly, I couldn't remember if I had put in 2 or 3 cups of flour. See, I had run out of regular flour, and added some bread flour. It's all the same thing, right? Right? No? Ok, well, the recipe will still be ok . . . maybe. Anyway, since my flour container was now empty, I dumped ALL the dry ingredients in, thinking that I should have 2 cups and a bit of flour. Nope, I have FOUR cups, and now all the dry ingredients are all together! That's ok, I can double the recipe. Go to the cupboard to grab the oil, and I now need 2 cups. Except, I only have 1/4 of a cup! Yes, mom, I know. Before you get to cooking, make sure you have adequate supplies. Still, no big deal. I call for Britney, figuring she'll like a quick ride to Grocery Express, and off we go. I ran in, got the oil, got a creme soda, and hop in the car. The car that now won't start. I've been round and round with this, and it's not really a big deal. It'll cool off, and the starter will work again. I wouldn't have thought twice about leaving it and walking home, except that I let Britney ride down with me without a collar or leash. Yes, I know. Bad Mama. I call C., and ask if I can hitch a ride with her in the AM, 'cause she's awesome like that, and then called B. "Want to come rescue me?" He laughed, but while I was on the phone with him, car started. Yeah, 'cause when the mechanic is around it never screws up! Got home, and by now, my 1/2 made batter has been sitting for a while. I went ahead and finished the recipe, got it in the oven, but was sure that it was going to be one jacked up loaf of bread! 2 different types of flour, too long in the mixing bowl, frustrated chef . . . Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good! Why can't I ever do anything the easy way?!?! Oh, wait . . . 'cause then I wouldn't have anything to talk about!


Swirl Girl said...

Izzat my recipe?

Twice the spicy zuchini yumminess!

Swirl Girl