Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm Back!

Hi everyone . . . did you miss me? Ok, so maybe not, but my puppy did! I got the "dog-scan" as I came in the door, and as soon as she smelled Msh's dogs . . . whoo-eee. That was NOT a good look! But, now that we've been to the river life is good again. Gotta love that short term memory!

I went to see Msh, and to put the finishing touches on her nursery. It looks adorable! She did such an amazing job. Something occurred to me while I was there, and I couldn't even tell her because every time I did, I teared up. Wait a minute . . . isn't SHE the pregnant one? Anyway, she just very casually mentioned Brad in conversation. Who is Brad? I've been working on a post about him for quite a while, and I'm just not ready to do it yet. He's my younger brother, who was killed in a car accident when he was 20. 8 years ago. I'm over it now, right? Still, here's one of those little teeny-tiny things that I love about Msh. She knew Brad. Of all my friends, she knew him when he was begging her to come out and play ball with him. She was there in the room with me when he called to tell me I needed to come home because he was getting married. She's the one that drove with me down to NC and held me together during his funeral services. She was there before, during, and after, and remembers to call every October 15th to just ask how I'm doing. I can talk about him to her and not see that look of panic "Oh flip. What do I say now?" that people get when you talk about someone who's died. That means SO much to me . . . she's the only one in my day to day life who is like that, and it is priceless to me.

More on friends - let me tell you about my friend, Laurie, aka LC. I actually met LC through K. and the racetrack, and she is a trip. She's got an adorable little girl, and a guy with a great sense of humor. L. is one of those that will call, just out of the blue, hey, how the heck are you, and she has great timing about it. So often I need those calls, and somehow, she manages to pull it off. Some great ESP thing going on there! Oh, and she makes the BEST peanut butter cookies!! One of the great things about friendship circles - the bigger they are, the stronger they get! Love ya girl . . .


Tam said...

My First Mother in law was killed in a car accident and well I can not begin to describe that whole situation.....I feel so guilty..because I was invited to my first Hubs ex girlfriends wedding and I did not want to go. His parents went and we stayed home. Then we get the call and there was the accident on the way to the reception. If I only I had went...then my husband would have went...and I do not know maybe we would have driven and not his parents. Anyway OK this is way too long....but anyway that is just me long winded!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I so need to do some decorating in my house. I have lived in it for a year and well I have not even put up curtains of anything on the walls. I am such a slacker! LOL I have been to the Natural Bridge but to tell you the truth I did not know there was a speedway up there. LOL Yeah my hubs loves VMI and his hope and dreams for out kiddos to go there. NOT so much a mothers dream however....Yale, Harvard would be good with ME...Just kidding. Well off to see If I can find some curtains for this house. LOL

LisaPetrarcaBlog said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel, you think your fine and then something will trigger the emotions (i.e. movie, song, picture). I lost my brother when he was 21, 16 years ago. We were only a year and a half apart. It was the anniversary of his death on July 5th, so I wrote about the whole thing on my blog in honor of him. Fourth of July is always a difficult time.

Take care and my thoughts are with you!