Sunday, July 6, 2008

TGI Sunday

And yes, I mean that! Had to work at the Drag Strip today, and it was a motorcycle show. Have I told you how much I hate motorcycles? Not so much them, but those are some cocky kids! Think that the rules don't apply to them. They don't realize that I'M the one, as the EMT, that gets to go scrape them up. Sorry, bud, but you're gonna wear long sleeves and long pants!

Worked at the Speedway last night, and we had a fantastic show. Hung around a bit afterwards, being social and what-not, and you know what it got me? In bed at 2am! I can't keep up these late hours. Sheesh . . . being single is tough! Actually, one of the guys said something about the fact that I wasn't ever up there when they got up to do some visiting, so I made a point of sticking around. Since he called me today, I reckon it worked out. :-) We'll leave it at that for right now . . . but life might could maybe be getting interesting. Have to see how it goes . . . .
I'm going to go read a bit, then c r a s h. Was it a good weekend for you? Scale of 1:10, I'd give mine a 9.5. What was the highlight for you?


NANCY said...

Hey, I'm here from SITS. Sounds like fun working at a speedway. My weekend was nice, I would give it a 7. And that's because I worked the entire weekend.

Rhea said...

I'm here from SITS! Good luck with the guy who called...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.