Thursday, July 3, 2008

Up, up and away!

The company that I work for sponsors our annual 4th of July spectacular, and on the 3rd, they give free tethered balloon rides. Stacey and I ran over, and got a ride! Not only that, but L., K.'s little one, rode with me! Very brave little girl . . . it was AWESOME!

Got off work early today (Gotta hate OT!) and took Britney to the river. I truly have the silliest mutt. She "paced", floating down then swimming up in front of this rock, before she finally got brave enough to "attack" it. I think she was convinced with another 5 minutes she would have had it!

Off to the races tonight . . . it's a weekend of racing, dirt and drag. Pool party on Friday, then a cookout. What about you? What are your plans?


Anonymous said...

Dogs crack me up!

Well... since we didn't make plans for the 4th before we went on vacation and our son has a baseball tournament starting at7 am Saturday morning... we are going to just take it easy and grill some steaks. We need to finish cleaning up the trailer and make a repair to a window covering & blinds that fell off on the way home before we put it back in storage.

Deanna said...

Congrats on being a Saucy Blog today! We have been swimming all day and now we are about to dig in to 4th food and then head out to our city's balloon glow. Isn't life good?

Debbie said...

Hi Sheri! Thanks for stopping by the other day. I must tell you that I am so envious of you going up in a hot air balloon...tethered or not, it sounded like fun! And the dog attacking the rock is hysterical. Where in VA do you live? I live in Northern VA. I'ts very nice to "meet you."

Tracy P. said...

Ooh, I'd LOVE a hot air balloon ride! Nice perk! Glad to see you on the SITS Saucy blogs.