Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Good morning, beautiful people! Last night was rather humorous. I got off work a bit late, but I didn't have anything going on last night so it wasn't an issue. Had just finished letting Britney chew apart another stick at the river, when the boy called. "Did you want some cucumbers?" Now, one of my favorite parts of summer is all the fresh produce that is everywhere. My wonderful neighbors keep me supplied with yellow squash, but I hadn't had any of the non-Wal-Mart cucumbers yet, so of course! I figured he meant he'd bring them this weekend. Errr, no. He was going to bring them over last night! Houston, we have a problem. Because last weekend was so busy, I didn't get any house cleaning or laundry done, and I had JUST put my "good" clothes in the washer! Ladies, you know. The casually cute outfit that you can look like you were just laying around the house in. Nope, this was reality - old, comfy shirt you've had since high school with a pair of lounge shorts. I knew I had at least 30 minutes, so I had to quickly prioritize. I was muddy from the river, so a shower had to be in order. Quick shower, don't get the face wet and make-up will still be good, wait, when DID I last shave? . . . then realized that I had a whole laundry basket of unmentionables on the living room floor - gotta get those out of sight! Flew around the house making sure Britney hadn't gotten into anything I hadn't yet discovered, dug out a pair of casual-but-not-falling-apart jeans, wait! Gotta plug the curling iron in - humidity and slightly wavy hair do NOT get along well. Threw some curl in - you know, the kind that "Of course my hair just does this". And, just as he showed up on my front porch, it was all under control.

This, my friends, is why dating is exhausting!!!