Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Photo Finish Fiesta

I got my new camera a couple of months ago, so I'm still figuring out how it works. I LOVED that I snapped this picture at just the right second, esp. since I am FAR from knowing what I'm doing.
Want to see more Friday Photo Finish Fiesta Pics? You can check them out here . . . she has the best field trips!

Last night I tagged along with L&K&kids, C. and L., and B. at the local fair. I had ribbon fries (yum!) and homemade lemonade. Then, I showed L. that there is ONE gun I can out-shoot him with . . . . a water pistol! Brought home 4 stuffed animals for the mutt to play with. I love the fair, and I saw lots of people that I knew. Even got to see a few sheep! See, last time I was at a fair, it was with D., and I touched a sheep for the first time (that I can remember). Told D., "It feels just like a wool blanket!" Errr, yeah, well . . . Aren't I a dork? Tonight we're going to the tractor pull, and then I think we're going racing at VMS tomorrow night. Never been to either one, so it'll be a weekend of firsts!!!

Oh, and B. brought me a meat tenderizer. How sweet is that? Want to know WHY it's sweet? It's one of those things I mentioned I don't have, and now I do! I love it when people remember the little details . . . particularly boys!


Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Ah, the County Fair! Can't say we've ever been as a family, but I do remember going in my younger days. How can you beat the cotton candy, nausea from the rides, and "interesting" characters!? Sounds like fun.