Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Weeks like this are rough. I don't know how to handle it! I was off on Monday, go in late today, and work a 1/2 day on Friday. Man. Schedules like this make for a miserable summer, you know? HA! It's nice to do every now and then. This weekend is shaping up to be fun. B. has mentioned going to the tractor pull on Friday, and since I've never been to one, why not? He promised I could have a funnel cake. Yummm. Not sure what we'll get into on Saturday, but whatever it is, it'll be a good times.

The weather right now is crazy wonderful. I've slept with my windows open the past few nights. In July. In the South. Now, if we can just do something about all the daggum mosquitos! My town is lovingly referred to as Skeeter Flats . . . wanna guess why?

Had a client bring in some fresh green beans out of her garden the other day, so I fixed those up last night. I was going to do the healthy route, steam them, but B. was horrified and said that the only way to fix them would be to boil them with some "fat back". Now, what the heck is "fat back"? I substituted 3 strips of bacon, and wowza. Those were some GOOD beans! I ate my fill of them, and then Britney got the few that were left along with the bacon. Good stuff . . . I do love summertime produce!!!


Tam said...

LOL After living here in Georgia and being a Virginian....I so do not consider any part of Virginia the South anymore! And let me tell you I thought SKEETERS were bad up there.....Savannah well is a swamp infested skeeterville! The bugs here eat you alive!!!! Gnats and mosquitoes....ugggg!!! LOL LOL LOL