Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday and Babies

Msh just called . . . she's on her way to the hospital now! Yay . . . little Msh will be here VERY soon! I'm soooo excited, and leaving work shortly to head down there.

This weekend was good. Friday night I went to the Drive In w/B., as we had a night for the employees out there. Fun times! B. didn't even laugh at me too much when I stalled his truck. Yes, really, I CAN drive a straight!

Saturday was a fairly lazy day, and then we had racing that night. Uneventful race, and we were done early. B. kept picking, saying little things, when finally I told him, "Are you TRYING to tick me off?" "Uh, well, yeah, kinda!" Do WHAT? Buddy, you just succeeded! "Well, I wanted to see what you're like when you get mad!" Who does that? That must be male logic for you. Anyway. It's worked out now, but still!

Sunday I had to get up EARLY EARLY for EMT competition. We do it once a quarter. Get over to Douthat (and no, I STILL can't pronounce that!) State Park, and find out, "Oh, y'all didn't have to be here til 12:30"! Do what? Hey, dibs on the cot! We competed, and guess what?
We WON! Not just placed, but we got 1st place!

Yay for us . . . and stuff. Got home, went to swap cars with A., and finally came home and crashed. Now, I'm headed to Roanoke to see Msh . . . what a crazy but wonderful week!

And, just because I haven't posted a Britney photo lately . . .