Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So, I've been watching the re-runs of S&tC on TBS lately. Actually, I've been DVR'ing them and watching them when it's convenient, but that's what happens when you keep strange hours.

One of the episodes the other day was talking about Soul Mates. Do such things really exist? Like Charlotte said, "I've been dating since I was 16. I'm exhausted, where is he already?" I couldn't agree more! I've been on so many "start ups" that fizzled, it's gotten to be a great source of amusement for my friends. The flip side, I've met a lot of really nice people that just weren't "it" for me, and had a lot of new experiances. White water rafting, golfing, shooting pool, putt-putt, skiing, sledding, I've done lots of things, but come on already! However, I also really agreed with how that particular episode ended. I have my person already . . . three of them in particular. Annette, Michelle, and Karey. They're the ones I would do anything for, drop everything and run, and who I care about more than I knew I could. I think far too often we get hung up on relationships being of the romantic variety, and forget that the most crucial ones are often ones we share every day. What do you think? Who's your "person"? How'd you meet them?

Michelle, I met at SVC. Tall, skinny, gorgeous, and going to have a new baby girl for me to spoil the first part of August! Msh was the one that was there for me when Brad died, and pulled me through my senior year so I didn't completely lose my mind.

Annette, I met working at the Drag Strip, and the best benefit I could have asked for. She's good peoples, and her husband and son aren't so bad either!

Karey, I met working at my current workplace. She was actually my supervisor at the time, but had the best sense of humor, laid back, helpful attitude I think I'd ever met. Any time I get to be around her is guaranteed to be a good time. I was actually at her place when I found out that my Grandfather died, and I'll always be grateful for that timing. I can't imagine if I had been at home, by myself, on Christmas Eve!

ETA: Ok, ok, OK! I left off one. And, it's a very important one. Let me tell you about Cindy. I met Cindy when I killed her mother. Ok, so not really, but yeah, kind of. I was on the rescue squad, and we went several times for her mom. One time, she didn't come home, so since then, she's blamed me for it! Anyway. I work with Cindy on a daily basis, and she is hysterical. Little things like her favorite pen disappearing, and the world is going to end. Big things, like no help? Only one teller? Hey, we can do it! She has great kids,a dn the most ADORABLE grandbaby ever. The other best part? Britney absolutely adores her. I think it's because Cindy will let Britney give her kisses whereas me? Nope! No lickey the face! Cindy knows my deep dark secrets, and where the bodies are hidden, so, yeah. There's a lot of love there for her!

What makes your friends special? How long have you known them? How'd you meet? If you write a post about them, please make sure to let me know so I can check it out!


Swirl Girl said...

I think it was Mark Twain who said that a true friend is someone you are not ashamed to get stupid around...or something like that.

No retribution or retaliation. No expectations. It's that simple.
And, once you have a 'stupid' mate...hang on to that person. They are hard to come by.

Jessica said...

thx for the comment love on the recipes.

christie said...

It's nice to have good gal pals!

laurie said...

"FRIENDS" noe that is a tough one! I agree that the true ones are the ones that you can say anything, ask anything of them, and they are there just when you need someone to listen to you for what ever reason.. True FRIENDS sre very hard to come by. It is a 2 way street giving as well as receiving is important. I have gotten close to a to 2 people here in the last 12 months K and S know who you are. I know alot of people as we all do but the special ones are the ones you will bend over backwards for... Next time you are with your friend let them know how special they are to you!!!!