Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday, 07 08 2008

Pretty ordinary day, as far as days go. Worked, had a slight meltdown (just slight!). I can take a lot of pushing, but at some point, enough is enough, back off! Came home, de-stressed with my puppy at the river, then went to training. We had some guys from Blue Ridge Rescue come to demonstrate some new toys we're looking at buying. Fancy strut/stabilization things that will make extrication efforts safer and quicker for everyone involved. Then, they demonstrated our new air bags. Came home, talked to my friend for a bit last night, and cooked up some squash for dinner. Yes, squash is good for me, but I'm thinking that sauteing it in butter and fresh garlic might make it lose some of it's health benefits!

My baby birds are almost ready to fly! I'm sure that any day now I'm going to come home and find that they have flown the coop. At least I'll be able to have my flower basket back! And, no more babies! My flowers are still doing well, and the hibiscus is getting ready to bloom . . . looks like they're going to be pink! I love this growing thing. And, last night as I was coming up the walk, my toad hopped out a few feet in front of me. Maybe he's staying for longer than a night? As long as he goes out a few feet in FRONT of me and not ON me we'll get along fine! Wait . . . would that be fine as frog hair?

I get to go see Msh this weekend, and help her put the finishing touches on the nursery. Savannah will be here August 6th, and I can't wait! I might not have kids myself, but I'm going to get to spoil that one rotten! Msh is going to be such a good mother, and I am SOOOO excited. It'll be awesome to get to spend time with her. She even mentioned something about seeing Mamma Mia, too!


Apple Joos said...

Thanks for the comment through SITS! I hope you didn't jinx yourself about your phone!