Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Monday

Good morning, beautiful people! Wow . . . what a weekend!

This weekend, I got to experience my first Tractor Pull. They have these souped up tractors that then pull a "sled", a big piece of machinery that gets heavier the farther they pull. It was interesting, but I sure got tired of the sled breaking down. That, and after being in 95 degree weather, to suddenly drop to the high 60's had me shivering! Thankfully, I was able to swipe a blanket from the ambulance standing by. That guy on the end of the sled was just along for the ride . . . and it looked like FUN! They finally ended at 1:30. You should know, I'm usually in bed before the chickens are!

Saturday, was gone from the house by 11. B. and I met C&L, and went to Jamaica. Yes, really. I went to Jamaica this weekend! What's that you say? Oh, all right. We went to Jamaica, VIRGINIA. It was about another hour past Richmond, so about a 3.5 hour drive. To watch dirt racing. Now I know why I'm glad I live a whole 5 minutes from OUR race track! But, I got to go in the pits, which was another first for me. We were standing with the late model cars when they were lining up, and these 2 guys came by spraying something on the cars. I took a closer look: Pam. As in, the non-stick spray you cook with! Turns out, it's good for clean up later of all that red clay! We got out of there early (for that track) and I was told that I can't hang with the big dogs. Uh, no kidding! I like my sleep, people. Dozed on the way home, and finally crashed about 3a. That's rough on a girl!

Yesterday was pure lazy. Once I got home, I don't think I moved off the couch! Wait . . . I did do some cooking. I made home made bread (Yes, Stacey, I brought you a loaf today, but you have to share!), and PW's crash hot potatoes (yummmy!) Tonight I hereby promise to come home and zzzzzzz. What about you? Good weekend? New things? Fun things? Share away!