Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jukebox Junkie

First of all, you should know that while my car might not LOOK so pretty (it's a 1988 Honda!), I have a wonderful XM radio. I hate advertisements. When I get new magazines, I go through them first and pull out all the ad's. I have DVR so that I don't have to watch commercials. I'm sorry, time is precious enough without having to be told about all the wonderful, amazing things out there I'm missing. The only reason I know about "Hancock" coming out is because I saw the preview in a real, live, movie theater. I get to go about once a year. Anyway, I digress.

On the way in this morning, I hit channel 17, country favorites. And I hear this:

I'm just an old, juke box junkie
Spending my time, spending my money
Feeding my habit, with hard core country
I'm just an old, juke box junkie

And, while I might have physically been traveling down Rt. 11, in that instant, I was back to the summer of '94, learning how to swing dance with a guy that I worked with named Mike at the hottest place around, Retrix, in Rexburg, Idaho. One of the girls there told me that the "right" outfit consisted of a cute little swing skirt and these atrocious boots called Ropers. Yes, now I happen to think Ropers are way cute, but at the time, ugh! Still, the slick bottoms made for great dancing, and I learned how to do the flipp-y thing, the twist-around-his-waist thing, and of course, my personal favorite, the sit-on-the-floor-spin and pull up move. It was SO much fun! But, that song and then one by John Michael Montgomery that I can't think of right at the moment were the BEST songs to dance to! Wait . . . I just remembered, it's "Be My Baby Tonight"!

The following semester I took ballroom dance and learned the basics of the waltz, the cha-cha, and of course, the "Elvira" and "Fishin' in the Dark" line dances. There was a t-shirt that I saw frequently, "I survived Ricks' without getting married", but it should have also said, "I went to Rick', and I FISHED". There were dances every Friday and Saturday night, Family Home Evening, fireside's, the sand dunes, and wait . . . was I supposed to study?!?!? I have yet to find anyone here that can 2 step and swing, but I hold out hope. Still, it might be just a little too much to ask for that to be on my list! That was the only thing I didn't like about AH. He didn't dance! Otherwise, check, check, and check . . . still getting over that broken heart! What about you? Do you dance? Does your signifigant other? What is, or was, your favorite haunt? Now-a-days, for me, it's Cattle Annie's, especially when the Worx are playing . . . we're overdue for a girls night out! K, and L., you hear me? Huh? Do you?!?!


Melissa Lee said...

First of all, my IBS sister, I am not sure how I feel about you belly laughing at my pain. :) Oh well, it's out there for the world to see, isn't it?

Did you ask if I dance? I tried it. Once. It was a bloggable moment, I assure you.

So glad you stopped in. Please do again very soon.

Melissa at Stretch Marks