Saturday, July 12, 2008

What I hate about the South . . . or one downside to having a dog

So, this morning, nice and relaxed . . . sleep in, get up, check the email, reach up to scratch behind my ear and felt something. Huh? Before I even really processed it, I picked it off. You never know what Britney has laying on the bed, bones, etc., so I didn't think a whole lot about it. Gross, yeah, I know, but not NEARLY as gross as this:
And you know the very worst part? Even as I was scurrying to the bathroom to flush that little sucker, I was thinking . . . at least I have something to blog about this morning!!! How sad is that?? I guess the Frontline works well enough for Britney - she's never had a problem with ticks. Maybe I need to start using some on myself, as well?!?!?


Tam said...

Yuck Yuck....sorry that happened to YOU! I visited your blog before and I mentioned that I was from Fredericksburg/stafford....but I did not mention that MY Hubs spent some living up near your area..... a little place called ya know it????? He has been bugging me to go back up and visit. It is such a long long drive with two kiddos....ugggg